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The Chameleons

Mime + Music + Spoken Word

   “A Magical Performance”

  L.A. Daily News

Assembly Programs

Mime Over Matter

The Chameleons’ classic Mime program

“For all the laughter they produced and all the technical skill they revealed as Mimes, the greatest gift The Chameleons have to share is an engaging, warm humanity that needs few words to touch audience members of all ages.”

The Maui News

The Bully Dudes....

(Keith Berger & David Prather)

Enter Text

and what to do about them

A Classical Blast of Mime & Music

Peter & The Wolf



The Chameleons

Keith Berger & Sharon Diskin

The Chameleons

Story Mime Theatre


Keith Berger and Sharon Diskin have performed for over one million children and adults throughout the world, delighting audiences and critics in 24 countries

on five continents.

        Workshops, Residencies

       Professional Development

        (Keith Berger or Sharon Diskin)

The Chameleons have taken the best, most magical parts of Mime and combined them with words, music, and sound effects to create Story Mime.

"Your Terrific!"

  New York Times




Berger & Diskin’s

Show & Tell Mime

  An entertaining & educational video

  for the classroom or home




A beautiful story of nature performed to song. Children participate in learning both song and acting out the story in Mime!


Two school kids daydream

themselves into outer space!

Adventure In Space

(Keith Berger & Sharon Diskin)

An amazing story about

Verbs, Adjectives and Nouns

Wonder of Words

(Keith Berger's Solo "Tour de Farce")

(Sharon Diskin & Beth Sussman)


(Keith Berger & Sharon Diskin)

Sharon Diskin's