Wonderful educational Mime Theatre assemblies for kids teens adults and children of all ages

Workshops & Residencies

for students & teachers


The Chameleons have taught thousands of children from California to China, from Long Island to Liverpool! With a little time and a measure of direction, children are able to create their own Story Mime Theatre performances for their parents and the public.


Students preparing to do “The Stealth Walk”.

The Chameleons provide workshops that teach students to use their bodies to express their imagination and to depict imagery, character, emotion and story. Taught by either Berger or Diskin, students develop skills in handling invisible objects (pantomime) to create a sense of “place” and “detail”, characterization, creative movement to interpret vocabulary words, and engage in the art of silent story telling. The students love the challenge of performing in total silence resulting in an increased ability to focus and concentrate. Teachers especially love using the “stealth walk” as a concentration tool all year long. 

Language Arts Connections

The Chameleons greatly expand on what is covered in the workshops’ single classes to create an actual “conservatory” experience of the art form. Developing fundamental skills of mime and pantomime, the students will learn techniques from the highly disciplined American Mime Theatre School, as well as physical comedy, narrated Mime, and movement with vocal effects. Finally, the students work toward a thrilling culmination program for parents, other students, and teachers. The culmination is a combination of material developed by The Chameleons in collaboration with students, at times using content from grade level curriculum. Narration Mime is one of the theatre styles that can be used as a way to connect words with movement, truly bringing curriculum to life. The Chameleons’ residencies employ a highly effective method of kinesthetic learning, and they give the students the rare opportunity of preparing an exciting, creatively stimulating performance. Most importantly, the students engage in this process as a true ensemble, where each student has a “voice”.

Teachers demonstrating “Clay Motion”,

an exercise that connects movement to words.

Berger & Diskin present a highly entertaining and educational Mime Theatre workshop to teachers of all grade levels. Educators will readily acquire simple mimetic skills and methods for imparting this amazing art of the imagination to their students. This class will cover the depiction of imagery in space (Pantomime), kinesthetic movement exercises as a way to interpret vocabulary words, and short plays (Scenes) with easy staging techniques that can be applied to any type of student presentation. Teachers can readily incorporate some of the techniques to connect to curriculum.

Students performing “Trees”,

a mythical piece about the power of nature.

Workshops  45-min/1 hour

1-6 Sessions        All ages/grades

Residencies   45-min/1 hour

7-15 Sessions        All ages/grades

Professional Development


Teacher performing “Peter & The Wolf”

in Music Center Summer Institute.

Students engaged in the world of the

imagination through the ancient art of mime.

Wonderful educational Mime Theatre assemblies for kids teens adults and children of all ages