The Chameleons in Concert

The chameleons, Keith Berger and Sharon Diskin, shatter most pre-conceived notions of the Mime artform with their own brand of exciting  movement-based theatre. Their unique style employs music, sound effects, and sometimes even dialogue to create a mezmerizing intimate theatrical experience.

The Chameleons Concert presentations include:


                 Corperate Events          Art Centers  


t        Military Bases                                                 Universities

                                                                    Cruise Ships

                                                                                                                        Outside Venues


Video clip of  The Chameleons', "Margaret & Fred" at the Ojai Storytelling Festival.

"The Chameleons presented a humorous glimpse of our selves, elevating the mundane to the level of art, or perhaps just seeing the beauty of our every day lives. While this was a mime performance, it certainly transcended the traditional white-faced performances. It challenged the traditional as sound was used as a prop, the bare stage challenged the audience to suspend their disbelief, to see which was implied. It was an exploration of contrasts –sounds versus silence, talkative woman in a mime vignette. It defied categorization.”

McCalllum Theatre Institute for Educators, Palm Desert, CA

Video clip of  The Chameleons', "Life Cycle" at the Ojai Storytelling Festival.

“They were even better than I expected, and my expectations were high!  The audience was made up of people from 2 to 80 years of age. Keith and Sharon captivated all!

Jerry Willis, California Institute of Technology

“THE CHAMELEONS put on a fantastic show for the whole family. Entertaining engaging and funny. I loved their show as much as my four year-old daughter. Their “Life Cycle” finale was incredibly beautiful and touching. A delight.”

-Shawn Levy (Director of "Night at the Museum")

Keith Berger & Sharon Sharon Diskin performing "Phantom 309" with Gideon Berger.

Captivating, beautiful…hilarious, new & witty…moving & acutely observed.”

The Scotsman (Edinburgh, Scotland)