Assembly Programs

The Chameleons


Mime Over Matter

Adventures in Space

“‘Adventures in Space’ was an incredibly creative way to share information about space and really

interest students in finding out more about it.”

5th grade teacher, Naywood  Elementary School Irvine, CA

Wow! This was one of the most popular assemblies we’ve ever had. I even got

emails from parents about how much their kids loved The Chameleons!”

3rd grade teacher, Colfax Elementary School, North Hollywood, CA

“Best program we’ve had in 20 years!”

Jill Brown (Elementary Director),

Mayfield Junior School, Pasadena, CA

Wonder of Words

“The Kids loved participating in “Wonder of Words”. Who knew grammar could be so fun?

4th grade teacher,

Ladera Elementary School, Tustin, CA

“Keith was just amazing in ‘Wonder of Words’!! 

The kids and the teachers just can’t stop talking

about it.  What a wonderful way to finish out our year!”

Arlene Duncan, Cordillera Elementary School

Mission Viejo, CA 

“This show was absolutely worthwhile.

  The best one yet!”

3rd grade teacher, Rancho Vista Elementary School, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“I could not stop laughing!”

Principal, Ramona School, Alhambra, CA

“Wonderful! The best yet!”

Director, 1st Presbyterian Weekday School, CA

“Fabulous presentation! I was as captivated

as the students!!”

2nd grade teacher,

Palma Elementary School, La Habra, CA

The Chameleons classic, "Mime over Matter", has been enthusiastically received by hundreds of young audiences all over the world. Included are such favorites as, "Life Cycle" , Margaret & Fred", Umbrellas, The Crazy Circus", "The Balloon", "The Escalator, and lots of audience participation.

  Great Language Arts Connections!

In their exciting program, "Adventures in Space" The Chameleons combine Mime, Astronomy and the spirit of friendship to tell a story of outer space adventure. Inspired by the scientific facts they learn in class, two school-age characters embark on a journey of imagination and discovery. This piece is performed to a thrilling soundtrack with narration, a marvelous musical score and various well placed sound effects,

Connects to Science/Astronomy

The Chameleons' captivating solo program, "Wonder of Words" combines the magical actions of Mime with the spoken word to tell a story about a box of nouns missing from the Wordheimer Library of Magical words and Wonders. Nimbus the Mime, finds clues in the magic boxes of verbs and adjectives and, assisted by the audience, puts them together to solve the mystery!

Connects to Language Arts/Parts of Speech

Bookings / Inquiries

...and what to do about them


Pitch Perfect! I’ve now seen several of these

anti-bullying programs and this is far and away

the best”.

Jim Astman, Headmaster, Oakwood School,

North Hollywood, CA


Every school should have this assembly.”

3rd grade teacher, Serrania Ave. Elementary School,

Woodland Hills, CA

Principal, Las Posas Elementary School, Camarillo, CA

“’The Bully Dudes’ were the #1 assembly requested by our teachers to return to our school. The show hits beautifully on two levels: Information and Entertainment.

Mime Keith Berger and Actor David Prather team up to deliver a one two punch in this exceptionally informative entertainment. Adding humor and physical comedy the very serious subject of bullying, Berger and Prather enact a series of thought provoking vignettes:

"The Annoying Name calling Bully Dude"
... ignoring the bully is sometimes the best strategy.

"The Robot Bully Dude" ... learning that empathy is the opposite of bullying.

"The Bully Dudette”
... specific girl bully issues involving popularity and having the courage to stand up to the “mean girl”.

“The Buddy Bully Dude”
... the key role of the bystander and the importance of reporting bullying to an adult.  

                                                                                                                                          ...and more

When is it 'bullying' and when is it just 'playing around'?

Peter & The Wolf

A classical blast of Music & Mime


World renowned Mime Theatre artist, Sharon Diskin, teams up with brilliant Juilliard trained Classical Pianist, Beth Sussman, to create an absolutely charming interpretation of Sergei Prokofiev’s “Peter & The Wolf”. In addition to this beloved classic, Diskin and Sussman perform other works by Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Debussy.

Classical music stunningly brought to life through the magic of mime, the spoken word and piano virtuosity.

Starring Mr. Keith as Professor Wordington Wordsworth

Wordfellow the Third.  Also starring Verbs, Adjectives and Nouns.

Two kids daydream themselves into outer space!

The Chameleons Amazing Classic Mime Program!

Beth's brilliant piano playing and Sharon's extreme   talent as a mime artist create a musical adventure that results in an enriching, "educational" experience.

Pam Herzog, Music Teacher,

Cold Springs Elementary School, Santa Barbara, CA

“This was the best program of the series at The Madrid Theatre. The audience of young and old was absolutely mesmerized by the performance.”

Kathy Marx, audience member, Madrid Theatre, L.A., CA

“This was an absolutely wonderful performance! You held their attention better than any show we’ve had. One of my students who never sits still sat totally spellbound throughout the entire show.”

K/1st grade Teacher, Hollister Elementary School, Santa Barbara, CA



The Bully Dudes