Story Mime Video Series

9 Lessons/Students & Teachers Grades K-6

The Story Mime Series introduces children to the magical art of mime through classic illusions such as the invisible rope, the invisible wall, the invisible suitcase, and more. In each lesson children learn a short mimetic story – at times funny and at times touching – that they can perform for their whole family. You will even find them creating their own mime stories!

Each lesson lasts from 5-15 minutes and covers educational and social/emotional concepts such as character, setting, plot, conflict, story detail, sequence, physical comedy, cause and effect, spatial awareness, and empathy – while having fun!

Easy for teachers to facilitate in the classroom (or a child to learn at home), this series is a superb component of any visual and performing arts program.


30-min. / ages 2-9

Come Learn some cool mime with Berger, Diskin and the kids!

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In their highly entertaining, fabulously interactive video, Keith Berger and Sharon Diskin invite a group of children into their magical world, teaching them classic mime illusions such as: The Escalator, The Moon Walk, The Robot, The Tug O’ War, and more… This video has been enjoyed by thousands of children worldwide. It’s great for anytime anywhere!

“I use it in the classroom every year. It is engaging, interactive, and has the ability to actually focus the students’ attention.”

-Teacher, Palm Ave. San Bernardino, CA

“My kids grew up with this video… wholesome, energetic, creative fun! The shots of my (then) 3-year old acting like a robot along with “Show & Tell Mime” are among my family’s most treasured photos.”

– Mom, Pasadena, CA


30-min. / ages 5-11

An original mime drama written by Sharon Diskin, Trees is a mythical story depicting the wondrous and fragile relationship between a child and the natural world. After a fun, fast-paced introduction to mime, children are guided by Miss Sharon to learn and perform the 5-minute story along with the original soundtrack.

Trees aims to explore the universal themes of life cycles, seasons, survival, and love. It is, at its core, a celebration of life, love, and the natural beauty of our world.

Easy for teachers to facilitate in the classroom, Trees is a wonderful addition to any student performance.


15-min./ages 5-11

Miss Sharon performing Do Cats Meow In France?

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Have you ever wondered, by chance, do cats meow in France? Everyone knows that people speak different languages in other countries, but what about animals? Miss Sharon wondered this very thing as a child, and years later it became the inspiration for her story, Do Cats Meow In France?.

Geared towards children in the early grades, Do Cats Meow In France?  is a charming and interactive lesson that emphasizes curiosity, adventure, and perseverance. Students and their teachers will learn some really fun mime illusions to be able to perform the 5-min. story along with Miss Sharon.

The Chameleons Mime Theatre

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